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April 25th, 2021

ERP Portugal donates equipment to IPO and challenges Portuguese once again

“All together for IPO” campaign exceeded all expectations and continues in 2021. To contribute, you only need to deliver small equipment and batteries in one of the more than 5000 ERP Portugal collection points, including schools, companies and the IPO itself.

“All together for IPO” campaign ended 2020 with results that exceeded all expectations and culminated with the delivery of a donation for the acquisition of 40 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon Francisco Gentil (IPO Lisboa). This equipment will be used in the LabTrack transfusion and analytical security system implementation project, which aims at strengthening patient safety during the process of blood transfusions and blood components.

The donation is the result of a partnership between IPO Lisboa and ERP Portugal, which first joined the Institute in 2020, a renewed partnership for the year 2021 that continues to challenge the Portuguese to participate in the recycling of their waste, while helping the IPO to fulfill its mission.

Sandra Gaspar and Júlio Pedro, executive members of IPO Lisbon Administration Board, thank all those who contributed by delivering used batteries and small electronics in the collection points of companies, schools and the IPO itself and highlight the relevance of this initiative, stating that the mobilization of people and companies around this action reflects the Institute's professionals work recognition.

Rosa Monforte, ERP Portugal General Manager, adds that “we are very satisfied with the results obtained and we very much want to continue to support the IPO and the work developed by its professionals. We believe that a solidarity cause is a great incentive for the Portuguese to recycle more, especially knowing the spirit with which the Portuguese embrace and contribute to noble causes like this one. In 2021 we hope to overcome the results obtained and contribute to the acquisition of other goods necessary for this Institute, which is so essential for so many Portuguese families."

To continue participating in the “All together for IPO” action, just hand over your small electrical and electronic equipment and end of life batteries at the more than 5000 ERP Portugal collection points, nationwide, including also IPO facilities (list available here).

Each delivery of used batteries or small electrical and electronic devices (remote controls, flashlights, watches, toasters, hairdryers, irons, computers, printers, mobile phones, etc.) makes the difference in a cause where health and the environment are holding hands.

The collected waste by the end of 2021 will again be "transformed" into another donation to IPO.

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