Earth Bits – Feel the Planet

April 6th, 2021

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde challenge to “feel the planet” at Maat

The exhibition Earth Bits - Feel the Planet was inaugurated at April 5, at the Maat - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. A two-year project, which will have additional and updated content, was possible by an ongoing partnership of the EDP Foundation with ERP Portugal and Novo Verde.

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde choose 2021 to invest in culture, one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, with a two-year partnership with Maat for the development and realization of the exhibition Earth Bits - Feel the Planet.

Inaugurated at April 5, at the museum's reopening ceremony that was attended by the City Councilor for the Environment of Lisbon City Council, José Sá Fernandes, and the President of the EDP Foundation, Vera Pinto Pereira, this is one of the exhibits that is part of Maat Explorations, in a programmatic framework launched this year that will feature a continuous series of exhibitions and public and educational projects that delve into the multifaceted theme of environmental transformation from various academic and experimental perspectives.

Earth Bits - Feel the Planet is an installation, based on data that are presented in digital content, videos and an interactive station, designed by the research studio Dotdotdot. The four sections of this project, which also includes the participation of the European Space Agency (ESA), the International Energy Agency (IEA) and EDP Innovation, show the cause / effect link of human behavior on the planet's resources. From the set of themes addressed in the exhibition, emphasis is placed on recycling waste and the importance of citizens' behavior as a key to ensure the process and the resulting benefits, namely the measurement of greenhouse gas emission savings.

Rosa Monforte, ERP Portugal General Manager, says that “sustainability is increasingly in the narrative of our society, but it cannot be just a plan of intentions: it is urgent to effectively convert it into new habits and change mentalities. Earth Bits - Feeling the Planet brings together these designs to those of Art, Culture and even Knowledge, involving the technical support of renowned institutions. Together, they can be important catalysts in this transformation of consciences ”. And she adds: “As ERP Portugal is an entity that promotes good recycling practices for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and end-of-life batteries, we consider this partnership with the EDP Foundation to be a winning alliance. ERP Portugal is responsible for raising awareness of these waste correct disposal relevance, which are so present in our lives and which have a high recovery capacity, preserving our resources and natural raw materials”.

Ricardo Neto, Novo Verde President, adds that “raising awareness is one of the main missions of Novo Verde, with a view to promoting the recycling of packaging waste. By sponsoring the exhibition Earth Bits - Feeling the Planet, we are amplifying our message and making it (even more) democratic, through art and a constructive and pedagogical experience that will certainly impact hundreds of people on the imperative to minimize the environmental impact of human action on the planet. Being a two-year project, this is also a way of showing society the result of each waste correctly recycled by each of us, in a unique show, in a unique building and museum like the Maat. As partners, it is with great pride that we join the EDP Foundation, in this mission of ensuring an unprecedented trip to environmental impact, with content specially designed for this purpose ”.

“The partnership with ERP Portugal and Novo Verde is of great importance for us, since it allows an exhibition that takes up the theme of climate emergence, a decisive debate of our time. This is a natural association with two entities that share the same values ​​and concerns about the Environment with the EDP Foundation. We believe, together with ERP Portugal and Novo Verde, that the Earth Bits exhibition will contribute, due to its pedagogical and interactive aspects, to change our behavior in relation to the Planet ”, says Miguel Coutinho, General Director of the EDP Foundation.

The initiative also includes a program of public and educational projects to be developed throughout the year, with schools and the community. Earth Bits - Feeling the Planet will be on display in the Maat until September 6, 2021.

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