Non-Stop Recycling Race

April 12th, 2021

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde have joined Maratona Clube de Portugal

After the success of the virtual races held in May and October 2020, the Maratona Clube de Portugal (Portuguese Marathon Club - MCP) and its main partners, namely EDP, Vodafone, CME, Mimosa, Águas de Luso and ERP Portugal and Novo Verde, under “Non-Stop Recycling”, launch six new races, one per week with distances of 5 or 10 kilometers, with the first race starting on April 12, 2021. With the encouragement of official sponsors and institutional support from the Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude and the Lisbon City Council (CML) it is possible to promote this third edition of virtual races, in a free format for the participants and with the offer of an exclusive medal (the number of medals is limited).

The race schedule features six races in a “sequence”, creating a weekly dynamic for a number of participants expected to reach the October numbers (about 10,000 participants unique). “By this time, in 2020, I was far from imagining that we would have to organize virtual races, but the pandemic, and its tragic evolution, dictated it. Today I feel that we have done the best, taking into account account what is allowed in the context of sporting events", stresses Carlos Moia, Maratona Clube de Portugal President, which also adds “I experience mixed feelings, on the one hand, enormous sadness that we are still unable to organize the large face-to-face events, on the other hand, the certainty duty fulfilled. With the help of our partners, our athletes, amateurs and professionals, continued to run, in a virtual format.”

In this way, MCP, even during a crisis as serious and unexpected as the one we are experiencing, fulfills the purpose with which it was born 30 years ago: to encourage the practice of sports, in a safe format, accessible to everyone and with a final prize. The top five thousand finalists receive a free medal, allusive to the third edition of this initiative.

How to participate Registration Rules Registrations are made on the VRaces MCP mobile application (available on the Apple Store and Google Play) or on the races landing page. Registration is free as well as the mobile application. Registered participants can log in to the landing page or the application (confirming that they have the latest version installed) and automatically select the tests in which they wish to participate. For each selected race, a personalized number will be sent. It is possible to register for a race until the deadline for participation. We reinforce that the participants have to register their participation in the application of the tests, VRaces MCP, or by uploading a GPX file from another application or device. Each race has to be carried out in a single race / session, on one of the days of the week defined for each race.

Results and Medals The results of each participant automatically enter the leaderboard. Personalized participation certificates are sent automatically, by email. Each participant will receive a single medal, by e-mail, regardless of the number of tests they may conclude. The medal will be sent to the address entered in the register. Medals will not be sent to wrong or incomplete addresses.

DGS Rules The organization calls on participants to comply with the rules imposed by DGS during their race. The MCP intends to promote the practice of sports, but always in compliance with the rules of safety and prevention defined by the competent entities.


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