Makro in waste collection

August 7th, 2021

Pilot project stars in Albufeira

In partnership with ERP Portugal, makro launches a new waste collection service for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and used batteries for all its customers. This solution is intended to be a catalyst and act as a reinforcement of more sustainable behaviors, something that the wholesaler has been strengthening and is strongly committed to stimulating and promoting within its sphere of action.

In a first phase, this initiative starts with a pilot project at Albufeira makro store, and the operation in all of the brand's stores, 10 at national level, is being prepared. The company's customers can, therefore, deliver their waste free of charge, at a store or request ERP Portugal to collect them, at its facilities, through website, becoming recycling makro certified partners. The waste collection, decontamination, treatment and recycling operations are in charge of ERP Portugal.

Rosa Monforte, ERP Portugal General Manager, stresses that “this is another project that aims to extend our action to new sectors and customers. We work daily with the main objective of increasing our collections and makro is an important partner with a high potential to transmit the message and involve other companies in the electrical and electronic waste and used batteries recycling. The partnership with makro will make it possible to expand the range of sustainable and participative companies, facilitating this waste delivery in full compliance with its legal obligations and also highlighting its environmental responsibility measures. Together, we will be more contributing to increase the quantity of this waste that is correctly managed, and we believe that this partnership will help us make this much-needed leap”.

”At makro, sustainability is one of our structural pillars. It has been a topic that we have given a lot of importance to. There are several initiatives to which we are linked, both internationally (as a Group) and nationally, which aim to contribute to reducing our environmental footprint. Through this partnership with ERP Portugal, we give our customers the possibility of joining this initiative and being able to contribute to the reduction of their own environmental footprint. If we all come together and introduce environmentally responsible habits into our lives and business dynamics, then we will leave a cleaner planet for generations to come. This is our objective as a company and citizens”, says Filipa Herédia Communications & Engagement Manager of makro Portugal.

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