Recycling is also helping

August 3rd, 2021


Collection of electronic waste and used batteries helps to preserve dolphins in Tejo river

ERP Portugal “Recycling is also helping” campaign returns to Pingo Doce stores, this time with the aim of helping ANP|WWF in protecting dolphins in Tejo river and conserving biodiversity.

By the end of August, each ton of electrical and electronic waste and used batteries collected will be converted into a 100€ donation to be delivered to ANP|WWF for the development of its activity of nature protection and biodiversity conservation in Portugal.

Filipa Moita, PR Manager at ERP Portugal, highlights that “After the success of the previous year's edition, ERP Portugal renews its partnership with Pingo Doce stores and combines recycling with the social component, turning waste into help, this time, addressed to the ANP|WWF. With the 'Recycling is also helping!' campaign, we also intend to raise the awareness of the Portuguese towards the adoption of good practices, through the selective delivery of waste in Pingo Doce stores, to ensure that harmful components (such as mercury from lamps or lithium from batteries) are treated and the materials recycled to be incorporated in new products.”

Fernando Ventura, Environmental Innovation Manager at Jerónimo Martins Group, assumes that “the preservation of biodiversity is a strategic priority for Pingo Doce, which develops several initiatives to materialize commitments made to combat deforestation, preserve the marine ecosystem, promote sustainable agriculture practices, combat climate changing and conserve biodiversity. This initiative also allows our customers to play an active role in the protection of an important species for Portugal, promoting, at the same time, a more circular economy for used equipment and batteries.”

For Ângela Morgado, Executive Director of ANP|WWF, “it is increasingly important that sectors cross to promote a green change for a more sustainable future. First of all, reducing and reusing and recycling are simple actions that we can all take in our daily lives and that have a huge impact on nature conservation. With the involvement of everyone, we were able to create solutions to combat pollution and the deposit of waste in nature”.

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