“All for IPO”

December 21st, 2021

Challenges the Portuguese to recycle and help

Batteries of help and small equipment promisse to make a big difference in this campaign

ERP Portugal associates for the second consecutive year to Instituto Português de Oncologia Lisboa Francisco Gentil (IPO – Portuguese Oncology Institute) to challenge the Portuguese to participate in the recycling of their waste and help the IPO in the its mission. To be part of the “All for IPO” action, it was enough to deliver, until the end of 2021, used batteries and small electrical and electronic equipment that no longer work at the more than 6000 collection points of ERP Portugal, distributed throughout the country, including the facilities of IPO, in Lisbon.

From the 6th of December, “All for IPO” initiative was present on the screens of all Portuguese people, through a national television channel (SIC), on two national radio stations (Renascença and RFM), and also on outdoor and digital channels.

The waste delivered by the Portuguese will be recycled and transformed into a donation to be delivered to the IPO in the beginning of 2022.

Among the waste covered by the campaign were batteries and small equipment such as toasters, hair dryers, irons, magic wands, toys, flashlights, televisions or watches and batteries for laptops, cell phones or game console controls.

Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, adds that “This initiative put the environment hand in hand with health once again. It is very gratifying for ERP Portugal to be able to help such a noble cause and in this new edition we intend to exceed the expectations and results of the first one. In the previous year, we were able to contribute with the acquisition of 40 PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) for the project to implement the LabTrack transfusional and analytical safety system, to reinforce patient safety during the processes of blood transfusions and blood components. Therefore, we want to do more and leave the appeal for the participation of all citizens in this solidarity collection initiative. Gestures as simple as the delivery of waste at more than 6000 points across the country can make a difference!”.

Sandra Gaspar, Executive Member of the Board of Directors of IPO Lisboa, highlights the importance of the ERP Portugal project in collaboration with the Institute and states that “the adhesion to this campaign reflects the recognition and trust of the Portuguese and society in relation to IPO and to its professionals, always determined to maintain the high quality of the work carried out for the benefit of improving the lives of patients and their families.”

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