How it works

ERP Portugal is a compliance scheme, with Permit to operate in two specific waste streams: WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and WBA (Waste of Batteries and Accumulators), according to the Decree-Law no. 152-D / 2017, of December 11.

This compliance takes place at all stages of the product life cycle (which will become waste), from the producer to the retailer, through the collection points and waste operators.

Collection Points

The collection points are very relevant as they allow the correct routing of the waste managed by ERP Portugal, namely, through the Depositrão, receiving centres and civic amenities, distributed countrywide.

The documentation to consider to be part of the collection network are available below:

a) WEEE and WBA Receiving Center Contract

b) WEEE Collection Point Contract

c) WBA Collection Point Contract

d) WEEE take back Contract

e) WBA take back Contract

f) Civic Amenities Contract

Waste Management Operators and Carriers

Along the chain of waste management is expected to hire duly licensed suppliers responsible for operations such as collection, transportation, sorting, storage and waste treatment.

The contracts can be consulted through the following links:

a) WBA Waste Management Operator Contract

b) Waste Management Operator Contract – WEEE Treatment Center

c) Waste Management Operator Contract – WBA Treatment Center

The procedures terms of the contests are described here.

More information available at