Interview with our CEO Umberto Raiteri

15 de mayo de 2015

Umberto Raiteri, President and CEO of ERP SAS, on Euro Parliament Network HSE24

European Parliament Network HSE24 addresses the European standards that Italy will have to adapt after the transposition of the WEEE “Recast” Directive on the collection and recycling of waste electric and electronic material in order to guarantee competitiveness and competition on its national market.

ERP CEO Umberto Raiteri points out that the new regulations shift a greater share of the responsibility to producers, “although they will still continue to finance WEEE collection and recycling through participation in collective systems such as those managed by the European Recycling Platform.”

“The Italian system works well and has allowed free competition on a market that is often managed by monopolies. Collective systems compete amongst themselves creating greater efficiency and a constant control of service quality,” explains Mr Raiteri.

“We demand that every country implements this new directive as uniformly as possible and that the market continues to operate in a free, competitive manner. Moreover, it is important that we maintain an effective control system on service quality and limit – insofar as possible – the illegal or semi-illegal flow of waste.”

Watch the full interview with ERP CEO Umberto Raiteri.

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