ERP extends its EPEAT service

agosto 1st, 2018

The Green Electronic Council formally recognizes Landbell Group’s new audit standard for WEEE Treatment

The Green Electronic Council, which manages the EPEAT program, has formally recognized Landbell Group's new audit standard for WEEE Treatment (TS.HH.001 - Technical and Management Requirements for WEEE) as a qualified recycling standard for the following IEEE standards:

  • IEEE 1680.1 - Standard for Environmental and Social Responsibility Assessment for Computers and Displays
  • IEEE 1680.2 – Standard for Environmental Assessment of Imaging Equipment
  • IEEE 1680.3 – standard for Environmental Assessment of Televisions

This means ERP is able to:

  • Continue providing its EPEAT service to producers of “Computers and Displays” (Criteria 4.6.3 – Initial Service Provider Standards), after November 2018 for new products and after May 2019 for existing and already registered products.
  • Extend our EPEAT service to “Imaging Equipment” and “Televisions” producers (Criteria 4.6.2 – Service Provider Standards).

EPEAT is a global rating and verification system that helps purchasers to evaluate, compare and select electronic products based on their environmental attributes. EPEAT also helps manufacturers establish the green credentials of their products.

Our Smart Sustainable Supply Chain (S³) audit programme helps producers achieve the EPEAT global rating and verification system for product take-back, rechargeable battery take-back programmes and end-of-life processing.

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