Custom made compliance

ERP offers pan-European compliance solutions in 32 countries meeting each customer’s needs, through a suite of custom-tailored compliance, recycling and consultancy services.

Companies with obligations in more than one country can opt for the EuropePlus Package, which provides a wider range of solutions that harmonize and simplify compliance management and the registration process in each country.

Industry leading services

  • Simple and effective solutions in a complex regulatory environment
  • Almost 100 compliance solutions through one supplier
  • Simple and clear quotation process through one co-ordination office
  • Clear, quick and smooth access to multi country contracts and national registrations for WEEE, batteries and packaging
  • Covering over 30 countries*: EU member states plus Israel, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey
  • Straightforward compliance reporting and consolidated data exchange
  • Trusted multi-stream and multinational experienced service delivery

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