ERP shortlisted for the Chambers Ireland ‘Excellence in CSR Awards’

August 13th, 2019

Following the success of its ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ battery recycling campaign, ERP surpasses the collection rate required for European member states (45%) reaching a collection rate of 68%

The European Recycling Platform (ERP) is delighted to be shortlisted for the Chambers Ireland 'Excellence in CSR Awards' for Excellence in Communication for the ERP Batteries for Barretstown campaign. Batteries for Barretstown was created to educate Ireland on the importance of battery recycling, increase the number of batteries recycled and raise vital funds for the children’s charity. It is a three-year programme which is helping to ‘Power Positivity’ by funding the energy costs at Barretstown, a not for profit camp for children with cancer and other serious illnesses located at Barretstown Castle, County Kildare.

The European Recycling Platform (ERP) is a compliance scheme responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of WEEE and waste battery recycling across the country. The collection of primary and rechargeable batteries in Europe is mandated by the Batteries Directive and requires Member States to achieve a collection rate of 45% each year to 2020. Thanks to ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ battery recycling campaign, ERP has surpassed this target with a collection rate of 68%.

When batteries are disposed incorrectly their corrosive materials can be harmful to the environment, and the valuable materials inside are lost forever. Most types of batteries contain toxic heavy metals such as nickel and mercury, and these materials can be reused if disposed of properly. With these business challenges in mind, ERP decided to launch a creative and innovative campaign to raise awareness of the ease by which batteries can be recycled - in any retail stores selling batteries, at a local recycling centre or at one of ERP’s free recycling events held across the country.

The campaign has reached over 2.5 million people to date through social media interactions, attendance at the National Ploughing Championship, Bloom in the Park, and through print and radio interviews. ERP’s Green Christmas videos shot onsite at Barretstown had a combined total of 228,000 views.

Martin Tobin, CEO, European Recycling Programme said: “Communication is vitally important in highlighting the work that we engage in. This category reflects the steps taken in CSR communications internally with employee engagement, externally with our partner Barretstown, and wider again, with external stakeholders. The communication is all about increasing awareness around battery recycling and spreading the CSR message effectively. Thanks to Dee Ahearn and all the team @Barretstown for all their support with the ERP ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ battery collection campaign, ERP has surpassed the collection rate required for European member states (45%) reaching a collection rate of 68%.”

Dee Ahearn, CEO, Barretstown said: “Batteries for Barretstown is making consumers become more environmentally aware and as a result helping Barretstown to serve more children and families affected by serious illness. The campaign is giving as many people as possible the opportunity to learn about how easy it is to recycle batteries in any retail stores, schools, libraries, civic amenity sites and at recycling events. We have loved working to power positivity - for the environment by increasing the numbers of batteries being recycled, and making a difference for families affected by serious illness.”


About ERP The European Recycling Platform (ERP) was founded in 2002 as the first pan-European organisation to implement the European Union’s regulations on the recycling of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE Directive). ERP now manages a consolidated network and has developed vast international expertise, expanding its recycling services to include batteries as well as packaging. The European Recycling Platform Ireland DAC was established in 2005 as a result of the success and expansion of ERP across Europe. They are Ireland’s only pan-European compliance scheme, providing WEEE and Waste Battery compliance and a B2B service to members.

About Landbell Group Landbell Group is a leading provider of international environmental and chemical compliance services and consulting. Since 1995, the company has been helping 25,000 customers in more than 40 countries implement their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and other product and packaging requirements. In addition, Landbell Group supports manufacturers and dealers as a competent partner on the way to a circular economy. In addition to 35 take-back systems for various waste streams throughout Europe, consulting and software are also part of Landbell Group’s portfolio. In 2016, Landbell Group achieved sales of more than 150 million euros.

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