ERP Ireland Welcomes Landmark Circular Economy Bill

April 15th, 2022

Bill defines the Circular Economy in Irish domestic law…

ERP Ireland is delighted that the Government has approved what is a landmark bill – The Circular Economy Bill - that creates a statutory footing for measures to reduce waste and influence behaviour and defines the Circular Economy for the first time in Irish domestic law. It builds on the 2020 Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy and the 2021 Whole of Government Circular Economy Strategy and puts the re-use of resources and the reduction of waste at the heart of the Irish Economy.

A significant action under the proposed new legislation is that it will empower Local Authorities to use GDPR-compliant technologies such as CCTV to detect and prevent illegal dumping and littering, and it will help to prevent “fly-tipping” – which is the illegal deposit of any waste on to land that does not have a licence to accept it.

The bill will work to stop the wasteful pattern of using valuable resources once and binning them, improving the process for allowing recycled materials onto the market, and supporting the development of sustainable products and business models across the country - we welcome the Government’s commitment to making the Circular Economy a reality in Ireland.

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