Did you spot Ned Leddy’s Trash Mammoth at @body&soul?

June 21st, 2023

Sculpture highlighting vape recycling

As principal circular festival partner at Body & Soul, Ireland’s leading sustainable music festival, ERP Ireland commissioned artist, Ned Leddy, to create a sculpture – Trash Mammoth - highlighting the issue of vape recycling as our recent research showed 66% of vapers are likely disposing of their vape waste improperly. Vapes are classed as Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) and contain batteries and other recyclable materials but often end up in household or general waste.

As a form of ‘artivism’, an installation can do more than just entertain - it can significantly impact culture and society.  Trash Mammoth was composed of numerous elements of SDA including headphones, cables, chargers, hoovers, toasters and heaters - to remind festival goers that these items should be recycled and are not ‘Trash’.

Remember, consumers may return waste vaping devices, free of charge, to any retail outlet that sells them when purchasing a new one or they can be disposed in the WEEE/Battery area at civic amenity sites.

Ned Leddy's Trash Mammoth at Body and Soul

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