ERP supporting University of Limerick in AI project

August 17th, 2023

Research on using computer vision and AI to automatically sort batteries

ERP Ireland is delighted to announce that we are supporting the University of Limerick in their work on using computer vision and AI to automatically sort batteries. In this project, UL will train artificial intelligence to recognise different battery types by exposing it to large volumes of known images which have been tagged with the chemistry type. Once the AI has been trained it will then have the capacity to automatically recognise previously unseen batteries and sort them appropriately with high confidence. The overall aim is to reduce the cost, improve the performance and ultimately increase the material recovery of battery sorting.

We are delighted to support this important project. Having collected and treated over 100,000 tonnes of waste batteries, the European Recycling Platform, part of the Landbell Group, has contributed to the circular economy for over 20 years.

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