Applications close for Green Alley Award 2016

August 9th, 2016

The circular economy award reached out to start-ups across the world and asked them to send in their green business ideas. This year, we received 191 applications from 52 different countries – a great sign that we are moving away from the throw-away society.

Applications for the Green Alley Award 2016 have now closed – and the results show the growing influence of Green Alley and the diversity of the circular economy.

Green Alley, together with its partners ERP, Seedmatch and Bethnal Green Ventures, received a huge amount of applications: 191 altogether from 52 different countries and various sectors of sustainable and environmental business. Applications have increased considerably year-on-year – from 70 in 2014; to 100 in 2015; and now up to 191 – which shows the growing trend towards a more sustainable life. The circular economy is gaining momentum as more and more consumers across the world realise the positive impact of new, small sustainable businesses.

The applications include a number of representatives from the WEEE industry, creating interesting prospects for ERP. This is why ERP Finland hopes to see many innovative ideas before the jury and international audience in Berlin on 27th October. Everybody is a winner with the Green Alley Award as each finalist will get to meet a wide range of experts, investors and start-ups, all helping them to develop their business idea and establish new contacts.

What next?

First of all, Green Alley and ERP would like to thank everyone who has applied, shared their expertise, or joined forces with the competition so far! The remarkable number of applications proves that innovation is flourishing and that together we are starting to build a more sustainable future.

The next step – to assess the applications – is now underway. During August, a selection committee from Green Alley, Landbell, ERP and Seedmatch will judge the pitch decks on criteria such as the quality of the product, its market potential, and the team behind the idea. Once the jury has decided who are the most promising start-ups, the six finalists will be announced on 9th September.

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