Congratulations to S.Lab, winner of the Green Alley Award 2023 and a prize money of 25,000 euros!

May 4th, 2023

The startup has convinced our jury and will take home the trophy.

The Ukrainian startup´s innovative solution: an alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) material and a truly green packaging solution. The co-founder and CEO Julia Bialetska convinced the expert jury with a persuasive strategy to scale its biodegradable packaging solution paired with a great amount of passion, enthusiasm, and authenticity.

At the end of a glorious evening we celebrated a shining winner: The Green Alley Award 2023 and a prize money of 25,000 euros goes to… S.Lab! We are very happy that the Ukranian the startup convinced our jury and will take home the trophy. And we hope that all finalists, participants, and guests at the Green Alley Award finals on 27th April in Berlin felt like winners – gaining new insights, experiences, and new business contacts.

Coming back to Haus Ungarn this year really felt like a magical moment: the startups, the experts, the jury, and the guests, made this live event a great experience and transported us somewhere magical.

Not only is the event considered a fundamental step for many startups through which they gain visibility and recognition for their innovative ideas. This year, we could also offer a special add-on to the pitch event: the expert sessions which could take place live and in person after two years pause due to the pandemic.

In the Green Alley Award expert sessions, the finalists worked with experts on their business ideas and exchanged knowledge, expertise, and ideas. The experts from the circular economy and the startup ecosystem provided their expert knowledge on areas such as business development, supply chain management as well as marketing and circular economy policy and regulations. The expert session was an important moment also for our 2023 Green Alley Award Winner S.Lab. Matched with an environmental engineer, two business experts and a bio-economy experts.

We are beyond excitement about the winner S.Lab

We also congratulate the participants: BCome, Circulate, Simby, Takatari and Veridis! We wish them all the best!

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