Green Alley Award 2024 applications: a record-breaking year in numbers

November 23rd, 2023

More than 330 startups have applied to compete for the Green Alley Award 2024 covering 29 European countries.

More than 330 startups have applied to compete for the Green Alley Award 2024 covering 29 European countries.

As the curtains fall on the Green Alley Award's application phase, it is time to reflect on the journey and celebrate the unprecedented numbers that define this year's success. Over the past three months, the Green Alley Award witnessed a great response from startups across Europe, showcasing widespread enthusiasm and engagement surrounding the circular economy.

Delving into the facts and figures reveals some important insights. Firstly, the standout feature is the strong participation from startups, with a remarkable 339 applications coming from all over Europe. Notably, the majority of startup applications originated from Germany (19%), claiming the first position, followed by the UK (16%), Italy (11%) and Spain (9%).

The second key observation pertains to waste streams. The most prominent is textile waste, with more than 50 applications. Another significant stream is food waste, with 50 entries, and packaging, also boasting almost 50 entries. The remaining streams include municipal waste, critical raw materials, WEEE and batteries.

Examining the diverse range of companies currently vying for the Green Alley Award, multiple types of solutions are on display, ranging from waste prevention (36%) to digital solutions and recycling (both with 32%). By understanding the business models of these startups, more than 160 offer a product, 95 provide a service, and 83 presented projects about technology.

These projects represent excellent circular economy solutions, featuring innovative business ideas and strong, dedicated teams.

According to Filipa Moita, Coordinator of the Green Alley Award ”this was an impressive result, and we are delighted to see all these relevant projects for the circular economy. Looking ahead, we are excited about the prospect of working with the selected participants and translating this energy into tangible outcomes. The journey has just begun, and we are eager to build on this momentum as we strive toward our overarching mission of fostering innovation, sustainability, and positive change.”


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