ERP’s recycling standard is approved by EPEAT

Março 26th, 2016

EPEAT approves European Recycling Platform’s (ERP) recycling standard for the end-of-life management of IT and Display equipment.

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) has approved European Recycling Platform’s (ERP) recycling standard for the end-of-life management of IT and Display equipment. This means ERP can now offer customers certification that is approved by the influential global rating system which establishes the environmental credentials of products for consumers.

End-of-life management is an increasingly important part of the EPEAT certification, which includes “auditing of recycling vendors”. ERP’s standard is approved in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. And, as of today, ERP has certified 34 recyclers in nine countries to EPEAT standard.

“ERP is the only group of compliance schemes directly operating in 15 European countries and we have long-standing expertise in the end-of-life management of waste electronics,” says Umberto Raiteri, CEO and President of ERP. “The recent EPEAT approval adds to the wide range of national and European-wide quality standards which already cover our waste management and compliance services. We demand the highest environmental standards from our treatment and recycling partners and we are delighted that the EPEAT recognition further establishes our environmental credentials.”

ERP’s recycling standard defines the minimum requirements that must be met by treatment operators handling, storing and treating WEEE. ERP regularly and rigorously audits its recycling vendor chain to ensure that the services offered to its customers meet all legal and statutory requirements, as well as ERP’s own high quality standards.

ERP is now able to offer EPEAT approved compliance solutions to manufacturers of IT and Display equipment, which will simplify the EPEAT registration process for ERP customers significantly. ERP is also supporting its customers by helping consumers and distributors easily identify the most environmentally friendly electronic and electrical devices.


EPEAT is an influential global rating system that establishes the environmental credentials of electronic products. Public and private organisations in more than 42 countries use EPEAT as a uniform purchasing specification. To achieve EPEAT certification, producers must meet 10 strict sets of environmental requirements, spanning design and production to product longevity.


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