Household Batteries

  • Free 25KG Battery Box delivery
  • Free collections
  • Delivery – up to 30 working days
  • Collection – up to 30 working days
  • Domestic / household batteries only

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Lithium Batteries

  • I.e. Laptop batteries, rechargeable batteries, mobile phone batteries etc…
  • This is not part of ERP’s free battery collection scheme
  • UN Approved container & Vermiculite delivery

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Our solutions cover all aspects of battery recycling and can simplify processes for all businesses, small to large.

Your responsibilities

What do I need to do?

If you place one or more tonnes of portable batteries on the UK market, you need to join a compliance scheme for example ERP UK. This is to contribute to the costs of recycling a percentage of these batteries.

Producers must register within 28 days of putting portable batteries onto the UK market.

If you are under the one tonne threshold, you are still able to join ERP.

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How ERP makes it easy for your business

We take on your legal obligations, managing your registration and reporting, and securing battery evidence equal to your battery recycling obligation.

Provide registration and reporting for Industrial and Automotive battery producers, as well as optional services for the take-back of Industrial and Automotive batteries.

Offer free battery boxes and collections for your premises, and provide small producers with a fixed compliance cost for the entire year.

  • Under five tonnes

    For businesses that put between one and five tonnes of batteries on the UK market each year, we offer an all-inclusive fee which includes our membership fee, the Environment Agency producer registration fee and all recycling costs.

  • Over five tonnes

    For businesses that place five or more tonnes of portable batteries on the UK market annually, you pay a compliance fee per tonne of obligation only. We only charge you for what we do on your behalf.

How does it all work?

We collect batteries from approximately 20,000 collection points in the UK: from shops, offices, schools and other public buildings. We use this extensive network to collect the batteries that we need to meet our members’ obligations.

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For more information on our free battery boxes and collections, please read our FAQs

Please consider any risks associated with the storage at, and collection of, batteries from your premises – and please use the following risk assessment to help you carry out your own risk assessment: ERP UK Battery Box Risk Assessment


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