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    Ian Steedman, UK & Ireland Logistics Market Manager, Electrolux Group

Your responsibilities

What do I need to do?

If you handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging in the UK in a calendar year and your company turnover exceeds £2 million, then you must:

  • Register as a packaging Producer (annually by 7 April)
  • Meet your packaging recycling obligation
  • Obtain evidence of compliance
  • Submit a certificate of compliance (CoC) by 31 January the following year

Alternatively, ERP can manage all of this for you – and ensure that your obligations are met.

How ERP makes it easy for your business

We take on your legal obligations, managing your registration and reporting, and purchase packaging recycling evidence equal to your recycling obligations.

Our expert team will lead you through the process, ensuring your packaging data is as accurate as possible and that you remain compliant.

Our knowledge of the packaging market means we always get the best value recycling evidence for you.


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  • Clarity

    Determine which packaging activities you’re responsible for

  • Peace of mind

    Review and evaluate your data before each submission

  • Value

    Purchase the evidence to meet your obligation cost effectively

How does it all work?

Since 2009, ERP UK has provided a packaging compliance service to customers.

Over 150 members entrust ERP to meet their waste packaging obligations in the UK.

Does your company sell packaged goods to Germany?

The German Packaging Act, which entered into force in January 2019, obliges all manufacturers and retailers placing packaging on the German market to apply for a licence through a packaging scheme.

The Act, which applies to mail order companies, eBay sellers and operators of small online shops, encompasses all packaging materials and has no minimum threshold – as soon as you place packaging on the German market, then you must join a scheme.

Need to comply? EASy-Shop is a simple online solution with the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy registration – suitable for very small quantities
  • Immediate and full compliance for as little as €75 per year

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