What is the aim of the Plastic Packaging Tax?

To increase the use of recycled material in the production of plastic packaging. The tax will encourage businesses to work with suppliers of products whose packaging includes recycled material. Demand for recycled material is expected to increase the collection and recycling of waste plastic – reducing the amount which is landfilled or incinerated.

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Who will this affect?

Any company who manufactures or imports plastic packaging.

Businesses meeting or exceeding a 10-tonne threshold will need to register with HMRC, there are exemptions for some types of packaging and for plastic packaging with an evidenced recycled content of 30% or more, although reporting via HMRC will still be required.

Understanding this tax and its implications for your business can be difficult.

For further information please read our Plastic Packaging Tax summary page

How ERP can help your business

Our data services team can help you manage this tax.

Since 1998 the team have been contacting suppliers and capturing weight data to allow companies to manage their obligations & liabilities under the UK’s Packaging, Battery and WEEE regulations.

We recognise businesses may not:

  • Know the weight of packaging components for every product
  • Know the material type of each packaging component
  • Be able to evidence the plastic packaging’s recycled content
  • Have the resource available to do this

In anticipation of the Plastic Packaging Tax and related Packaging EPR reforms we have adapted our data collection methods and updated our weight database to allow businesses to outsource these to ERP.

Support from our expert team

ERP’s data services team will:

  • Contact suppliers on your behalf and gather the required information quickly and efficiently
  • Identify: in scope, out of scope, and exempt packaging
  • Identify: what packaging has a recycled content of 30% or greater
  • Confirm if you are under, meet or exceed the 10-tonne tax threshold
  • For those currently under the threshold a tracking services is provided
  • Determine your PPT liability
  • Provide a bespoke report to accurately complete HMRC tax declarations
  • Upon request of HMRC, produce supporting evidence for all exemptions and recycled content declarations
  • Identify suppliers which contribute the most to your liabilities for future targeted packaging improvements

As well as data services, ERP provide WEEE, Battery and Packaging compliance in the UK – simple pricing and great customer service reduce the complexity of compliance for our members.

For further information please read our Plastic Packaging Tax summary page

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