Batteries Compliance

Simplifying the recycling of portable batteries

Batteries Compliance Video

Batteries Compliance Video

Our battery compliance scheme simplifies environmental compliance for companies making or importing batteries.
Our solution looks after all your legal obligations from registration and reporting to the collection and recycling of waste batteries. For small producers, we offer a simple ‘all in’ fixed cost.

Why is Batteries compliance important for your business?

If you make, import, or sell batteries in the UK then you have a legal obligation to comply with various environmental regulations.

Please remember — failure to comply is an offence. Enforcement action may be taken. Contact ERP UK today for more information on battery compliance and avoid penalties.

How ERP UK can help you with Battery compliance

The following steps are how ERP UK can help your business with battery compliance:

  • Managing your registration and reporting for portable, industrial, and automotive batteries
  • Taking on your recycling obligations and recycling enough batteries on your behalf
  • Fixing your annual compliance costs if you are a smaller producer
  • Keeping you up to date with the regulations and any future changes
  • Providing optional services for the take-back of industrial and automotive batteries

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Batteries Compliance Fact Sheet (useful downloadable document)

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