Batteries Compliance

Simplifying battery compliance

Why is Battery Compliance Important for Your Business?

If you make, import, or sell batteries in the UK then you have legal obligations to comply with various environmental regulations.

Non-compliance is an offence and enforcement action may be taken.

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Compliance Services –

How ERP makes it easy for your business

  • Take on your legal obligations
  • Manage your registration and reporting for Portable, Industrial and Automotive batteries
  • Secure battery evidence equal to your battery recycling obligation
  • Fixed compliance cost for the entire year for smaller producers
  • Free battery boxes and collections for Portable batteries
  • Take-back of Industrial and Automotive batteries.

Battery Orders / Collections

Household Batteries



Lithium Batteries


Your responsibilities

Am I obligated?

You are an ‘obligated’ battery producer if you:

  • Have a UK presence and either:
    • Import batteries (including those within products) into the UK and then selling them wholesale in the UK, and/or:
    • UK manufacture of batteries selling to the public or to retailers

What do I need to do?

You must:

  • Register as a battery Producer
  • Report data on how many batteries you placed on the market
  • Meet your portable battery recycling obligation (if applicable)
  • Finance the collection, treatment, and recycling of waste portable batteries (if applicable)
  • Take-back waste industrial and automotive batteries (if applicable)


ERP can manage all of this for you and ensure that your obligations are met.

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How does it all work?

We collect batteries from over 26,000 collection points in the UK: from shops, offices, schools, and other public buildings. We use this extensive network to collect the batteries that we need to meet our members’ obligations.

For more information on our free battery boxes and collections, please read our FAQs

Please consider any risks associated with the storage at, and collection of, batteries from your premises – and please use the following risk assessment to help you carry out your own risk assessment: ERP UK Battery Box Risk Assessment

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Other ERP services

ERP provide simple pricing and great customer service reducing the complexity of compliance for our members. Additionally, our Data Service produce accurate data reports, which ensure that companies stay compliant, helping reduce your costs.

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Small producers

You may only place small amounts of batteries onto the market but need a trusted, reliable partner to carry out your obligations. We can do this for you.

Large producers

If your company places significant amounts of batteries onto the market, we offer competitive compliance solutions, as well as expertise in take-back and awareness-raising campaigns.

Recycling process

1. Sorting

2. Shredding

Recovered materials