Packaging Compliance

Simplifying the recycling of packaging

Why is Packaging Compliance Important for Your Business?

If you handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging in the UK and have a turnover of more than £2 million, then you have legal obligations to comply with various environmental regulations.

Non-compliance is an offence and enforcement action may be taken, including requiring you to make payments in respect of previous years’ non-compliance.

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Your responsibilities

Am I obligated?

You are an ‘obligated’ packaging producer if you (or a group of companies you are part of);

  • Have a UK presence
  • Handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging in the UK in a calendar year
  • Your company turnover exceeds £2 million


What do I need to do? You must:

  • Register as a packaging Producer
  • Report packaging data
  • Meet your packaging recycling obligation

How ERP makes it easy for your business

  • Take on your legal obligations
  • Manage your registration and reporting
  • Purchase packaging recycling evidence equal to your recycling obligations
  • Best value recycling evidence for you
  • One-to-one or group training
  • An expert team and dedicated Account Manager who will lead you through the process

ERP can manage all of this for you and ensure that your obligations are met.

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Green Dot

ERP offers a Green Dot licence to our members.

The Green Dot is a symbol widely recognised in many European countries, signifying that for each piece of packaging, a financial contribution has been made to a national packaging recovery organisation.

In the UK, the Green Dot is a trademark but has no other meaning.  Whilst it is not mandatory to display the Green Dot on packaging in the UK, many businesses have the Green Dot symbol on their packaging so that they do not have to invest in different packaging designs for each market.

If your business is a brand owner of goods sold in the UK, which have the Green Dot symbol displayed on the packaging, then it will be required to pay a UK licence fee.

If you would like ERP to purchase the Green Dot licence on your behalf, please contact us via email at

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Other ERP services

ERP provide simple pricing and great customer service reducing the complexity of compliance for our members. Additionally, our Data Service produce accurate data reports, which ensure that companies stay compliant, helping reduce your costs.

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Recycling Process

  1. Collection
  2. Separation
  3. Decoating (if coated)
  4. Melting
  5. Casting
  6. Manufacture

Recycling Process

  1. Collection
  2. Treatment (including sorting, cleaning and decontamination)
  3. Crushing and melting
  4. Manufacture

Recycling Process

  1. Collection
  2. Processing (including de-inking, cleaning and screening)
  3. Manufacture

Recycling Process

  1. Collection
  2. Compacting
  3. Melting
  4. Casting
  5. Rolling
  6. Manufacture

Recycling Process

  1. Collection
  2. Sorting and separation
  3. Shredding
  4. Treatment
  5. Manufacture

Recycling Process

  1. Collection
  2. Segregation
  3. Decontamination
  4. Production
  5. Final products