What happens to your waste?

Looking at the bigger picture

Why we need to recycle

As consumers buy more and more products (such as electronic devices), the need to consistently recycle and reuse becomes ever more important. This increases waste volume, such as discarded packaging and batteries and disused devices.
Effective recycling solutions benefit people, businesses, and the environment.

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Sparing resources

Recycling saves valuable raw materials and conserves energy.

Maximising space

Our space is finite; landfills poison our environment with hazardous, toxic substances.

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A healthier environment

A safer and greener environment improves the quality and enjoyment of our lives.

Saving energy

Recycling means we consume fewer raw materials and use less energy than we would to mine and refine new ones. Fractions derived from recycling go back into the supply chain to make new products.


What can be recycled?

We believe recycling should be simple.

However, with so many types of products and materials, and multiple packaging symbols, it is not always easy to distinguish what is recyclable from what is not.

To help simplify things, we have assembled an interactive guide on what you can and cannot recycle, with some general information about what happens during recycling and what can be reused.

Learn about the recycling process by selecting the icons below.