Novapedra wins our 2024 Public Vote

February 20th, 2024

Drum roll, please! The crowd has voted, and we have the public vote winner: Novapedra!

As the winner of our 2024 Public Vote, the Spanish startup Novapedra is one of six startups that will pitch for the Green Alley Award trophy in April.

After a month, the public has decided… The winner is Novapedra! Congratulations to the Spanish startup for winning the majority of votes in this year's public vote!

Novapedra produces ceramics from organic waste without the use of natural gas for the manufacturing process.

A big applause and a big thanks, of course, to all the other startups participating in the public vote!

What´s next?

We want to thank every one of you for voting and for supporting our top 20 startups for the circular economy. Overall, we received almost 3,000 votes - 12% went to Novapedra!

With this victory, Novapedra is the first of six startups to enter the Green Alley Award finals! But don’t worry – the remaining 19 startups are still in the competition!

Our selection committee will choose the other five finalists in the next few weeks!

More information about Novapedra here.

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