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Our aim is to build a sustainable future by delivering services which make the economy more circular

John Redmayne, Managing Director, ERP UK


WEEE Compliance

Simplifying the recycling of waste electricals and electronic equipment

Our WEEE compliance scheme simplifies environmental compliance for companies making or importing electrical and electronic equipment. Our solution takes care of all your legal obligations from registration and reporting to collection and recycling.

Batteries Compliance

Simplifying the recycling of portable batteries

Our battery compliance scheme simplifies environmental compliance for companies making or importing batteries. Our solution looks after all your legal obligations from registration and reporting to the collection and recycling of waste batteries. For small producers, we offer a simple ‘all in’ fixed cost.

Packaging Compliance

Simplifying the recycling of packaging

Our packaging compliance scheme simplifies all aspects of environmental compliance for companies handling packaging. Our solution helps you to accurately collect and submit your data as well as ensure that the amount of recycling you are responsible for is achieved.

Data Services

Simplifying your data and submissions

Collecting product, packaging and battery weights and calculating your data submissions can be confusing and time-consuming. Our data service undertakes these complex tasks on your behalf to ensure you’re submitting accurate data to comply with the legislation.

Additionally, we help customers with a range of data reporting services to support their sustainability initiatives 

Plastic Packaging Tax

Simplifying your plastic packaging tax submissions

Our data service team will produce accurate data reports, which ensure that your company stays compliant, additionally helping with all other Plastic Packaging Tax concerns.


EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

ERP are expert consultants in EPR

If you would like to understand how your business will be affected by the UK’s EPR reforms, please get in touch with our friendly experts who can help you.

Member Services

ERP UK can manage your complete Compliance

All ERP UK members use our online reporting system, where they can report and update their data online, review, download and print certificates for previous declarations. Additionally, our team will pro-actively engage with members to ensure they are well supported in complying with their Producer obligations.

Learning Centre

Getting to grips with environmental compliance

Our learning centre aims to reduce the complexity of environmental compliance. Here, you’ll find information and educational material related to waste management and compliance, WEEE, batteries, packaging recycling, the circular economy, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


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    May 25th, 2023

    Regulations, resources and recycling: the key themes of Landbell Group’s annual performance review for 2022

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Discover our world of recycling

Legislation has been passed on electronic and electrical waste (WEEE), recycling of batteries and handling of used packaging throughout Europe. This requires innovative solutions and a partner with an international outlook.