Where to recycle

WEEE, batteries and packaging

Where can you take WEEE, batteries and packaging for recycling?

A number of sites accept e-waste, batteries and packaging for free from households.

Use the Recycling Locator from Recycle Now to find the nearest locations to where you live.

Battery recycling

We collect batteries from over 20,000 collection points in the UK. From shops, offices, schools, and other public buildings.

Please consider any risks associated with the storage at, and collection of, batteries from your premises – and please use the following risk assessment to help you carry out your own risk assessment: ERP UK Battery Box Risk Assessment

Schools and businesses

Local authority recycling centres will not accept WEEE from schools or businesses. Schools or businesses should contact the producer of the equipment if there is a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on it.

If old products are being replaced with new products, and the old products do not have a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on them, the producer of the new products can advise on recycling.


Local Authorities, please contact your ERP Regional Account Manager about schools in your area.

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