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ERP UK is part of the Landbell Group, an environmental compliance specialist that helps companies around the world understand and meet their obligations under chemical and recycling regulations — and operates Producer Compliance Schemes (PCSs) in many countries.

ERP UK works closely with local and national governments to ensure regulations are clear, fair, effective and that they translate into accessible and efficient recycling services on the ground.

Local suppliers

ERP uses local suppliers wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of collections and support the local economy. We have developed partnerships on many levels, participating in industry working groups and events across the country. If you haven’t met us recently, please visit our events page and see which events we’ll be attending near to you. We would love to hear from/meet you.

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Local authorities

What we can do for you

• Take care of the registration processes

• Coordinate memberships applications and contractual requirements

• Manage contractual requirements with the relevant national authorities, authorized representatives and producer compliance schemes

Local authorities

Seamless Transition

ERP UK can provide a seamless transition of Producer Compliance Scheme services from any current provider, safeguarding local operations and existing suppliers where possible.

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Compliance Services & Tender Enquiries – uk@erp-recycling.org

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