EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

ERP are an expert consultant in EPR

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Our ERP Overview video outlines who we are and what we do.
ERP UK are environmental compliance experts with two decades
of experience in making sure that businesses are compliant with
WEEE, batteries and packaging legislation.

Our aim being to build trust with companies to manage their
compliance. Please watch our video to learn more.

ERP UK is an expert in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). If you have you been directly affected by the UK’s EPR reformswe can help!

Why is EPR for Packaging Important for Your Business?

If your business handles more than 25 tonnes of packaging in the UK and have a turnover of more than £1 million? If yes, you have legal EPR obligations to comply with for packaging.

Non-compliance is an offence and enforcement action may be taken. You may even be required to make payments for previous years for non-compliance.


  • Packaging Waste Regulations have changed with certain details yet to be confirmed
  • If you are a Producer under the Packaging Waste Regulations, you will be affected by
    the changes

*There are companies that are not currently obligated that will also be affected.

Check with ERP UK to be sure!

Why choose ERP UK?

We are experienced to help and guide you on all aspects of producer compliance.

Including the following:

  • We are 1 of only 5 operators in the UK to have WEEE, Battery and Packaging Compliance Schemes
  • Our unique Data Service complements our Producer Compliance Schemes
  • We are part of the Landbell Group – a leading producer compliance expert that services Europe and many parts of the world

So, if you require guidance locally, nationally, or globally – ERP UK can help.

Contact us today:
Compliance Services – uk@erp-recycling.org

EPR Fact Sheet

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