Plastic Packaging Tax

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Plastic Packaging Tax Video

Plastic Packaging Tax Video

Our data service team will produce accurate data reports, which ensure that your company stays compliant, additionally helping with all other Plastic Packaging Tax concerns.

Why is Plastic Packaging Tax important for your business?

The Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) has been applicable in the UK since April 2022.

  • There are penalties for obligated businesses who do not register
  • The cost for some businesses may be significant

Plastic Packaging Tax like VAT is regulated by His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Who does the Plastic Packaging Tax affect?

The Plastic Packaging Tax affects businesses that:

  • Manufacture plastic packaging components in the UK
  • Import plastic packaging into the UK (all businesses will need to track their packaging volumes)
  • Carry out a substantial modification on a piece of plastic packaging
  • Exceed the 10-tonne threshold

These businesses will need to register with HMRC and then submit plastic tax declarations to HMRC on a quarterly basis.

Where packaging is exempt, exported, or not liable, businesses will need to provide supporting evidence and declare accordingly.

Please note: There are exemptions for certain types of plastic packaging. These are complex, but ERP can help! Find out if your business is affected:

Find out if your business is affected!

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