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Why is Plastic Packaging Tax Important for Your Business?

This is a tax applicable in the UK since April 2022.

  • There are penalties for obligated businesses who do not register.
  • Costs for some businesses may be significant.

Like VAT, Plastic Packaging Tax is regulated by His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Plastic Packaging Tax Enquiry Form

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Plastic Packaging Tax Enquiry Form

Who this affects

Any business that:

  • Manufactures plastic packaging components in the UK
  • Imports plastic packaging into the UK
  • Carries out a substantial modification on a piece of plastic packaging
    • All businesses will need to track their packaging volumes.
  • Any businesses meeting or exceeding a 10-tonne threshold will:
    • Need to register with HMRC
    • Submit plastic tax declarations to HMRC on a quarterly basis
  • Where packaging is exempt, exported, or not liable businesses will need to provide supporting evidence and declare accordingly

PLEASE NOTE: There are some exemptions for some types of plastic packaging. These are complex, but ERP can help!

Find out if your business is affected:
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What can ERP Data Services do for your business?

  • Use existing datasets to complete HMRC declarations
  • Work with you to enhance or improve your datasets
  • Contact suppliers on your behalf
  • Gather the required information quickly and efficiently
  • Identify: in scope, out of scope, and exempt packaging
  • Identify: what packaging has a recycled content of 30% or greater
  • Confirm if you are under, meet or exceed the 10-tonne tax threshold
  • Determine your Plastic Packaging Tax liability
  • Provide a bespoke report to accurately complete HMRC tax declarations
  • Upon request of HMRC, produce supporting evidence for all exemptions and recycled content declarations
  • Identify suppliers which contribute the most to your liabilities for future targeted packaging improvements

Plastic Packaging Tax summary page

We have summarised all the important factors you should take into consideration on our Plastic Packaging Summary Page

Why chose ERP?

We follow a unique 3 step process:

  1. Analyse and plan
    Review your product data & supplier information
  • Identify in & out of scope packaging components
  • Create a bespoke data collection plan
  1. Collect & verify
  • Contact your suppliers to collect data
  • Check data quality
  • Gather & hold evidence in line with HMRC requirements
  1. Calculate & report
    We will use your product data & our database to perform the necessary calculations
  • Quarterly Plastic Packaging Tax reports
  • Methodology report
  • Support in the event of an HMRC PPT audit
  • Plastic Packaging Tax Fact Sheet PDF document

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