Simplifying battery compliance

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Household Batteries

  • Free 25KG Battery Box delivery
  • Free collections
  • Delivery – up to 30 working days
  • Collection – up to 30 working days
  • Domestic / household batteries only
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Lithium Batteries

  • Laptop batteries, rechargeable batteries, mobile phone batteries etc…
  • This is not part of ERP’s free battery collection scheme
  • UN Approved container & Vermiculite delivery
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Compliance Services & Tender Enquiries –

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Simplifying the recycling of waste electricals and electronic equipment

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Packaging Compliance

Simplifying the recycling of packaging

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Simplifying your data and submissions

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Landbell Group

ERP is part of the Landbell Group – the leading global supplier of environmental and chemical compliance solutions.

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Small producers

You may only place small amounts of batteries onto the market but need a trusted, reliable partner to carry out your obligations. We can do this for you.

Large producers

If your company places significant amounts of batteries onto the market, we offer competitive compliance solutions, as well as expertise in take-back and awareness-raising campaigns.

Recycling process

1. Sorting

2. Shredding

Recovered materials