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Environmental compliance

ERP UK are environmental compliance experts with two decades of experience in making sure that businesses are compliant with WEEE, batteries and packaging legislation. We build trust with companies to manage their compliance.

Straightforward solutions

ERP UK’s straightforward solutions make environmental compliance and Extended Producer Responsibility simple.
We help over 700 large, medium, and small businesses navigate the complexities of their recycling obligations.

Mission statement

Our aim is to build a sustainable future by delivering services which make the economy more circular.

In a circular economy, products that are no longer required are reused, or recycled – recovering the valuable materials
they contain and safely dealing with any hazardous substances.

This underlines the circular economy as a crucial building block for creating a healthier future – Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) being one of the key elements of this. As a platform for EPR worldwide, Landbell Group is
engineering circular economy for a sustainable future.

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