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Simplifying the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment

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Find out what WEEE Producers need to do and how ERP can support. Our solution takes care of all your legal obligations from registration and reporting to collection and recycling.

*ERP can also provide take-back services to help manage WEEE.

Your responsibilities

What do I need to do?

If you place five or more tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) on the UK market, you need to join a WEEE compliance scheme like ERP UK and contribute to the costs of recycling a percentage of these electronic products.

Producers must register within 28 days of putting EEE onto the UK market.

If you are under the five-tonne threshold, you are still able to join ERP – contact us to discuss your options.

How ERP makes it easy for your business

We take on your legal obligations, managing your registration and reporting, and securing WEEE evidence equal to your household recycling obligation.

We also provide registration and reporting for non-household EEE producers, as well as optional services for the take-back of non-household products.


Single price per tonne for each type of household electrical and electronic equipment.


Clear pricing and invoicing that shows exactly what we do for you.


Support for takeback of your products.

Support for takeback of your products


Using our experienced operations team and UK-wide network of licensed waste carriers and treatment operators, ERP can arrange for the collection and treatment of WEEE.

We can provide bespoke take-back solutions and other waste services, and our product take-back offer also includes specialist services, such as secure destruction, if required.

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How does it all work?

We have contracts with over 40 local authorities in the UK, and our dedicated procurement team regularly checks the market to ensure we’re paying the best prices for waste treatment and logistics services. In turn, we can provide the best prices to members.

What happens to your waste
Where to recycle

Downloadable WEEE Fact Sheet PDF document

WEEE Producer Fact Sheet PDF document

WEEE Enquiry Form

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