Display equipment

Display equipment includes cathode ray tubes (found in old style TV sets and computer monitors) and flat screen TVs and computer monitors, such as plasma and liquid crystal displays (LCD).

Cathode ray tubes (CRT) contain hazardous phosphor powder, leaded glass, copper and other rare metals. These materials can be re-used to make new products. Panel and funnel glass from the cathode ray tubes are also recovered. The coating on the funnel glass is removed and the glass is cleaned for new CRT manufacture.

Most LCD TVs use mercury lamps to light the screen. To remove the lamps, the appliance must be disassembled before processing the LCD screen. Research is currently being carried out to develop more effective, automated solutions.

Recycling process

  1. Hand dismantling
  2. Cathode ray tubes separation (Pb, Ba)
  3. Crushing and metal removal
  4. Glass cleaning

Recovered Materials

  • Ferrous Metal
  • Non-Ferrous Metal
  • Monitor Body and Electronics
  • Circuit Board
  • Leaded Glass
  • Unleaded Glass