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January 23rd, 2024

EPR European outlook and current local implementation

The European Commission is proposing establishment of mandatory and standardized Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) framework for textiles across all EU Member States, following the existing obligations for batteries, packaging, and WEEE. Member States are, effective from 2025, urged to anticipate the obligation to separately collect textiles waste.

The new legal document shifts the burden of financing separate collection, sorting, re-use, and recycling of used textiles, to producers. The proposed EU-wide EPR guidelines aim to streamline implementation for Member States.

In our next free of charge webinar EU Textiles EPR: European outlook and current local implementation we will present which EPR obligations EU textile producers can find in proposed in July 2023 amendment of the Waste Framework Directive. Also, you will learn about EPR obligations in few European countries, which adopted EPR legislation for this waste stream ahead of the EU.

We will also briefly introduce Landbell Group regulatory tracking tool – Knowledge Database and EPR compliance solutions, that Landbell Group can offer to producers of textiles.

At the end, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Register here for the cost-free webinar until 13 February: Click here.

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