Battery Regulation: now in force

March 13th, 2024

The European Battery Regulation 2023/1542 now applies in all Member States since 18 February.

The European Battery Regulation 2023/1542 now applies in all Member States since 18 February.

While it will repeal the Battery Directive 2006/66/EC only with effect from 18 August 2025, it will introduce an extensive set of new rules applying to all manufacturers, importers and retailers, including the following obligations following specific timelines, namely:

The carbon footprint of batteries:

  • Phase 1: rechargeable industrial batteries (greater 2 kWh), traction (e-vehicle) and light means of transport (LMT) batteries need a carbon footprint declaration
  • Phase 2: additionally named batteries need to be labelled indicating their carbon footprint and their carbon footprint performance class, and
  • Phase 3: batteries need to adhere to maximum carbon values across their entire life cycle

Furthermore, minimum recycled content rules apply to industrial (greater than 2 kWh), traction (EV), LMT and starter batteries:

  • Stage 1: from 18 August 2028, batteries other than LMT must be accompanied by technical documentation with information on the amount of recovered content of certain metals (Co, Pb, Li, Ni) that they contain. This will also apply to LMT batteries from 18 August 2033.
  • Stage 2: from 18 August 2031, batteries must contain a minimum percentage of these metals and must be accompanied by documentation demonstrating compliance, and
  • Stage 3: from 18 August 2036, the required minimum percentage of these metals will be increased

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) plays a central role in the Battery Regulation, setting stricter collection targets for portable batteries (63% by 2027 and 73% by 2030) and collection targets for the new category of LMT batteries (51% by 2028 and 61% by 203).

Other measures relate to substance restrictions, performance and durability, other labelling obligations (including QR codes), battery management systems, corporate due diligence, recycling efficiency, and the digital battery passport.

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