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Compliance Solutions for Solar Industry

Photovoltaics is one of the main pillars of the energy transition and the race to reduce CO² emissions.

With new markets emerging, and big and mature ones taking off again, the solar industry is ramping up to meet the scale of the world’s climate and sustainability challenges.

Our solar industry solutions support this transition to a new, carbon-neutral and circular economy and help your company avoid the risks of being non-compliant.

We offer support all along the life cycle: from meeting your obligations when placing solar products onto the market to taking care of their end-of-life.

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PV Panels


Environmental impact across borders

International trade and increasing consumption make recycling an urgent and overly complex task. ERP helps focus the effort to achieve the greatest possible impact for consumers, producers, and society.

10 million tonnes of WEEE and packaging

Icon impact batteries

Over 40,000 tonnes of batteries

35 take-back schemes