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Batteries – easy recycling solutions

Our solutions cover all aspects of battery recycling and can simplify processes for all businesses, small to large. We can provide battery collections for your premises and manage all your compliance needs.

Where should you dispose of used batteries?

Pursuant to the Act of April 24, 2009, batteries and accumulators are divided into three categories:

  • industrial,
  • car batteries,
  • portable.

In the case of the first and the second type, the legislator imposes on the producer, importer, distributor, or any entity introducing batteries to the market an obligation  to collect waste batteries or accumulators from the end user. ERP Polska can arrange such collections.


What can be recycled?

We believe recycling should be simple.

However, with so many types of products and materials, and multiple packaging symbols, it’s not always easy to distinguish what is recyclable from what isn’t.

To help simplify things, we’ve assembled an interactive guide of what you can and can’t recycle, with some general information about what happens during recycling and what can be reused.

Learn about the recycling process by selecting the icons below.


Small producers

You may only place small amounts of batteries onto the market but need a trusted, reliable partner to carry out your obligations. We can do this for you.

Large producers

If your company places significant amounts of batteries onto the market, we offer competitive compliance solutions, as well as expertise in takeback and awareness-raising campaigns.

Recycling process

1. Sorting

2. Shredding

Recovered materials