Comply with the changes in the packaging directive

Get ready for the new packaging directive

What does this mean for your business?

We help you to fulfil your producer responsibility within WEEE, batteries and packaging

For over 20 years, European Recycling Platform has helped companies comply with their producer responsibility in packaging, electronic and electrical waste and batteries. As a collective scheme, we give our customers peace of mind with services ensuring that reporting requirements and rules are complied with with a minimum of effort for our customers.

With companies in 15 countries, and as part of the global Landbell Group, we are a unique player that ensures our customers a single contact person across countries, access to value-creating knowledge and advice, and that the companies’ waste is processed efficient in relation to recycling and recycling.


This is how we can help you

We can manage your obligations, ensure you comply, and identify where there is potential in your business to unlock value. We want to help you make the most of your resources.

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We assist our customers in complying with extended producer responsibility (EPR) and regulations on recycling and reuse electrical and electronic waste, batteries, and packaging.

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