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New requirements from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket)

Starting from 1. January 2024, the municipalities took over the responsibility for collection of household packaging. From this date, the collective schemes will receive, sort and recycle packaging collected by the municipalities.

The municipalities will receive compensation from the collective schemes for collection according to Naturvårdsverkets regulations.

The collective schemes continue to be responsible for collection and recycling of the business packaging.

The packaging fee is the fee that the producers pay to ERP Sweden, which covers collection, sorting and handling of end-of-life packaging. The packaging fee is calculated per material type and charged as a cost per kilograms of packaging material. Excess payment, if any, will be refunded.

Packaging fees for paper and plastic are categorized according to the recyclability of the packaging material.

The easier it is to recycle the packaging material, the lower the packaging fee. Plastic includes three categories of recyclability and paper two categories.

In Sweden we are having a cooperation with TMR to ensure fulfilling your obligations.

Packaging recycling

How ERP makes it easy for your business

Our expert team will lead you through the process, ensuring your packaging data is as accurate as possible and that you remain compliant. For total peace of mind, we check your data with a fine-tooth comb before submission.

Our knowledge of the packaging market means we always get the best value recovery and recycling evidence for you.


This waste recycling category includes paper, cardboard, plastics, polystyrenes, steel, aluminium, glass and wood. Many of these materials can be recycled into new products and recycling packaging reduces the amount of waste that is sent to landfill and saves natural resources.