EASyShop Solution

Under EU guidelines on extended producer responsibility, producers and importers, including online retailers, are obligated to assume responsibility at the end of the product cycle for the products and packaging they place on the market.
Producers and importers must pay for the recovery of and/or financially support the collection and recycling of their products and packaging.

In Austria, this responsibility is regulated by the Waste Management Act 2002, as well as the Packaging Ordinance.[Links to the documents]

ERP Austria will take care of your packaging volumes in an eco-friendly and legally secure manner in just a few clicks: EASyShop.

EASyShop is the ideal solution for ensuring compliance of modest packaging volumes: you pay a flat rate and don’t have to submit a volume report.

License your sales packaging quantities easily from €129,50/year (plus VAT) for up to 1500 kg of household packaging and/or 1,500 kg of commercial packaging.


Product Packaging

Household packaging is packaging having the following size:

  • surface area up to and including 1.5 m²; or in the case of hollow bodies, a nominal filling volume up
  • to and including 5 litres, or in the case of packaging made of expanded polystyrene (EPS – e.g. Polysterene), a mass of up to and including up to 0.15 kg per sales unit and usually occurs
  • in private households or
  • in places comparable to households with regard to the packaging generated.
  • Furthermore, service packaging, carrier bags and knotted bags shall in any case be deemed to be household packaging, irrespective of their size.

Packaging made of Paper, cardboard, paperboard and corrugated cardboard packaging that meets the definition of sales packaging shall, irrespective of their size, be deemed to be household packaging, irrespective of its size, provided that point 2 applies.

Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging is

  • packaging that is not household packaging,
  • paper packaging that meets the definition of transport packaging,
  • pallets and strapping and adhesive tapes, and
  • the proportion of packaging which in principle meets the definition of household packaging but which, by the packaging classification ordinance, is considered to be transport packaging.

Sales packaging or primary packaging is offered to the end consumer as a sales unit.

Outer packaging or secondary packaging – insofar as they do not fall under sales packaging or transport packaging – is packaging which:

  • contains one or more sales units which are sold together to the final consumer or serve only to stock the sales shelves, and
  • can be removed without affecting the characteristics of the goods.

Transport Packaging

Transport packaging or tertiary packaging means packaging designed to facilitate the handling and transport of multiple sales units or outer packaging in order to avoid their direct contact or damage in transit.

Containers for road, rail, ship and air transport are not included in the definition of transport packaging.