We help you manage your responsibilities

We are the first compliance scheme authorised to operate in different countries since 2002, in response to the first EU Directive on WEEE.

Our mission is to help members manage their responsibilities efficiently and globally with regard to WEEE, batteries, and packaging recycling – all supported by our unique data services.

We were created by producers for producers, and we aim to provide our members with high-quality compliance at the best possible price and simplify the complexities of compliance, reporting and waste management.

When it comes to taking responsibility for the environment, actions speak louder than words. Therefore, it is our mission at ERP to translate ideas into concrete action and make it easier for manufacturers to act responsibly when handling packaging, batteries, and electrical and electronic waste through WEEE.

We aim to provide our members with high-quality compliance at the best possible price and simplify the challenges of compliance, reporting, and waste management. Further, we see it as our task to inform consumers and build a bridge to local authorities in order to lay the foundations for a more sustainable future.

Environmental impact across borders

In 2021, our Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO) met the collection targets in every country where we operate, meeting the legal obligations of our members and keeping them fully compliant.

Operating in a competitive environment, these PROs showed a strong focus on driving innovation and improving the services offered to our members.

International trade and increasing consumption make recycling an urgent and overly complex task. ERP helps focus the effort to achieve the greatest possible impact for consumers, producers, and society.

About ERP

ERP offers a complete recycling platform

  • WEEE compliance for B2B and B2C products
  • Packaging compliance for sales and transport packaging
  • Battery compliance for portable, industrial and automotive batteries

About ERP

European specialist in waste recycling

Throughout the years, ERP has gained valuable experience in each country and we currently form the largest worldwide network of experts in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance and collection.

About ERP

More than 38,600 members across 62 countries trust ERP

Since 2014, ERP has been a part of Landbell Group and is able to offer more than waste management compliance services – for instance environmental and chemical compliance.