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Meet the ERP Finland team

ERP Finland ry is an extended producer responsibility organisation (as in Waste Act 62 §) established by the producers and taking care of producers’ responsibilities of collection and recycling of waste. ERP Finland runs a compliance scheme for both WEEE and portable batteries and has nearly 200 members. ERP Finland ry is an association, that has same membership terms and conditions for each member.

ERP Finland ry operations are managed by service company ERP Services Finland Oy, that can also act as an authorised representative for EEE distance sellers.ERP Services Finland Oy is a subsidiary of ERP SAS and part of Landbell Group.

Olli Alanen

Managing Director
+358 (0)207 698 181

Satu Herno

Finance Coordinator
+358 (0)207 698 182

Markus Sopenranta

Sourcing Coordinator
+358 (0)207 698 183

Kurt Främling

Nordic Business Development Manager
+358 (0)207 698 184

Our emails are formed thus: [1st letter of forename].surname(a) (Ä=AE, Ö=OE)


ERP Finland is the only pan-European compliance scheme operating in Finland.

To date, we have nearly 200 members, including Bolt, Dell, Dometic, Electrolux, Garmin, Gigantti, Hewlett-Packard, Husqvarna, Kicks, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Rusta, Stadium, Swappie, Valmet Automation, among others.

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