We help manage your responsibilities

When it comes to taking responsibility for the environment, action speaks louder than words. Therefore, it is our task in ERP to translate ideas into concrete action and make it easier for manufacturers to act responsibly when handling packaging, batteries and electrical and electronic waste.

We aim to provide our members with high quality compliance at the best possible price and simplify the complexities of compliance, reporting and waste management. Furthermore, we see it as our task to inform consumers and build a bridge to the authorities in order to lay the foundations for a more sustainable future.

European specialist in recycling waste

ERP Norway is part of the European Recycling Platform (ERP), which has its head office in Mainz, Germany. ERP is the first return company authorized to operate in different countries since 2002, in response to the first EU directive on WEEE. Over the years, ERP has accumulated unique experience in each country, and today we constitute the largest worldwide network of experts on compliance and collection of extended producer responsibility (EPR).

In Norway, we have also in recent years developed new solutions for specially adapted national collection solutions as well as solutions for reuse & trading for our customers. In this way, our customers have received more affordable solutions, better control over statistics and services, as well as profits where they previously had costs.

More than 38,600 members in 62 countries trust ERP.

Since 2014, ERP has been part of the Landbell Group and we offer more than just recycling solutions, such as environmental and chemical consultancy

Approvals in Norway

ERP Norway is approved in accordance with legislation on electronic and electrical waste (Waste Regulations, ch. 1), recycling of batteries (Waste Regulations, ch. 3) and handling of used packaging (Waste Regulations, ch. 7). ERP otherwise has ISO-14001 and 9001 certificates.

Dedicated experts in 15 countries

We have over 500 dedicated experts in 15 countries.