BA Producers Responsibilities

When putting portable and industrial batteries and accumulators on the national market, the company must assume responsibility for the environmental impacts that will occur when these products reach their end of life (waste).

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This responsibility can be transferred to ERP Portugal by signing a contract and paying for financial fees, which in turn represent the costs of collecting, transporting, consolidating and recycling this waste.

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To join ERP Portugal compliance scheme for Batteries and Accumulators Waste management, click here.

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How ERP Portugal can help

Our team is available to support in all phases of the joining process, including registration in the Portuguese Environment Agency SILiAmb platform, identification of products put on the national market and which are covered by the scope of the activity of the compliance scheme, until submission of the annual declarations.

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For companies that put up to 25 kilograms of these products on the national market, ERP Portugal presents a specific solution, which can be known as Small Dimension BA Member.

Joining ERP Portugal assures the legal compliance of the obligations imputed to the companies considered “Producers” (first placeholders of products in national market).

Since the beginning of its activity (2010) as a compliance scheme for WBA, ERP Portugal has already collected more than 1300 tons.



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