3million tons collection

August 27th, 2018

ERP has collected and treated 3 million tons of WEEE

ERP has collected and treated 3 million tons of WEEE

ERP reached an important milestone in collecting and treating more than 3 million tonnes of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) throughout Europe since its inception in 2002. This figure is equivalent to the amount of WEEE generated in the European Union in just one year. The recycling of WEEE not only reduces the use of valuable natural resources but also contributes to improving the environment and human health. Preventing the emission of more than 32 million tons of CO2 is an example of the environmental benefits achieved by recycling these 3 million tonnes of WEEE.

The amount of WEEE continues to grow, not only in Europe but throughout the world. In 2021, world production will reach 52 million tonnes, according to the recent Global E-Waste Monitor report. Hazardous substances deposited in landfills contaminate the soil and groundwater and have a strong impact on the environment and our health; at the same time, the loss of valuable resources is detrimental to the economy. To reduce the environmental damage of electronic waste and save resources, a transition from a linear economy to a more circular economy is essential.

"ERP welcomes EU initiatives to strengthen the principle of extended producer responsibility and create competition in the waste management market," says Umberto Raiteri, CEO of ERP. "The treatment of 3 million tons of WEEE shows that ERP has contributed significantly to the EU's circular economy and proves that broad producer responsibility in a competitive environment brings great benefits to the environment at a fairer cost to producers. Innovation is also promoted, leading to higher quality treatment - preventing the release of hazardous substances - and higher quality resources for the circular economy. "

Achieving the collection and treatment of more than 3 million tons of WEEE highlights once again the important role that ERP has played in the European recycling market. Thanks to its unique European field (a network of 35 managing bodies in 15 countries), its unique experience, innovative recycling strategies and the creation of opportunities for pan-European recycling services, ERP has contributed significantly to the development of a more circular economy in Europe.

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