Depositrão arrives at Torres Vedras

July 23rd, 2019

Depositrão arrives at Torres Vedras Municipal Market

Torres Vedras Municipal Market integrates the Depositrão network

Torres Vedras Municipal Market is part of the Depositrão network and offers citizens one more place to ensure the recycling of small appliances and end-of-life batteries. This solution consists of two logistics equipment, where it is possible to deliver free of charge the two types of waste, which will be later collected and sent for recycling by ERP Portugal.

In all these waste we find irons, toasters, hairdryers, watches, scales, microwaves, mobile phones / phones, cameras, printers, computers, among other electrical and electronic equipment that no longer work. Batteries for watches, controls or toys, as well as batteries for smartphones or laptops can also be placed in the Deposition installed for this purpose.

Sandra Pedro, Head of the Urban Areas Management Division, considers it essential to install this network of equipment for the disposal of small appliances and end-of-life batteries, which allow citizens to ensure an appropriate final destination for these waste easily and simply. “This initiative is in line with the municipal strategic objectives and we are confident that it will make an active contribution to minimizing the environmental impact generated by these wastes on our territory, making an effective contribution to boosting a more circular economy.”

The participation of all is crucial to ensure that this waste will have a second life through its reuse or recycling. These devices may contain hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium, beryllium or mercury, as well as plastic, metals (copper, aluminum, gold or silver) and cause harmful effects on human and environmental health. Through the Depositrão network these waste will be specifically treated (extraction of refrigeration gases such as CFCs, vacuuming of lead dust from old monitors, removal of mercury from light bulbs, for example) and also giving rise to obtaining (secondary) raw materials that will be introduced into the manufacturing process of new products, avoiding the depletion of natural resources.

Filipa Moita, PR Manager of ERP Portugal, highligths that “The active participation of all makes a difference, so we challenge the citizens to know and use the Depositrão. It's fast, simple and free, and it's contributing to a more circular economy.”

For Paulo Simões, First Executive Secretary of tge Western Intermunicipal Community, “These initiatives facilitate sustainable behavior and materialize our commitment to the environment and citizens: moving from a linear economy to a circular economy, in which materials are returned to the cycle through its reuse, recovery and recycling.”

This action is part of the initiatives of the Oeste Circular program of the Intermunicipal Community, and is the result of a partnership between ERP Portugal and the Municipality of Torres Vedras.





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