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July 16th, 2019

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde sign protocol with OesteCIM

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde sign protocol with OesteCIM

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde (waste management compliance schemes) signed a protocol on Prevention, Awareness, Communication and Environmental Education with OesteCIM (Intermunicipal Community of the West).

The celebration of the protocol was announced at the workshop 'Circular Economy in Public Procurement', which took place on October 19, at the Auditorium of the Volunteer Firemen of Peniche. The program included the interventions of the Municipalities of Peniche and Torres Vedras, the Intermunicipal Community of the West, Novo Verde - Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme, the Portuguese Environment Agency and the General Management of Economic Activities, and also of Coimbra Engineering Academy & Traffic Psychology International.

In this session we discussed topics such as 'Plastics in the Circular Economy', 'Mobility and Sustainable Cities', 'The Contribution of Framework Agreements for the ENSPE (National Strategy for Public Procurement) 2020', 'The Ecological Label' Circularity in Public Procurement 'and' Circular Economy in Waste ', by Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde and ERP Portugal.

With this partnership, active until the end of 2021, the waste management compliance schemes intend to raise awareness at citizens, companies, schools, HORECA channel (special emphasis on local accommodation) and the 12 Municipalities of the West, regarding the  recycling of electrical and electronic equipment waste, used batteries and packaging and, consequently, motivate and promote environmentally responsible behavior.

For Ricardo Neto, President of both compliance schemes, "With the signing of this protocol, we intend to play an essential role in raising awareness and education of the various target groups with regard to sustainable behaviors, in a multidisciplinary perspective and transversal to different sectors of the society. The active and integrated contribution of all agents is the key to being able to make the difference. This partnership with OesteCIM reflects our strategy in both complementary aspects of prevention, awareness, communication and education."

Paulo Simões, Executive Secretary of the OesteCIM concludes, "OesteCIM has been keenly committed to several initiatives to encourage the implementation of the concept of circular economy within the daily lives of citizens, companies and entities. The 12 Municipalities that integrate our region present a very significant potential of introduction and reinforcement of good environmental practices, in turn, translated into economic and social advantages. The partnership celebrated with Novo Verde and ERP Portugal, marks the sharing of visions, goals and activity philosophy, whose axis focuses on the formation of citizens."

The celebration of this protocol coincides with the stage of the world surfing circuit that began on October 16, at the beach of Supertubos, where initiatives have been underway to activate environmental behaviors, carried out by the management compliance schemes in partnership with OesteCIM.

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