Depositrão at Forall Phones stores

January 23rd, 2020

Depositrão at Forall Phones stores

Forall Phones has already installed the Depositrão solution, from ERP Portugal, to facilitate the delivery of electrical waste and batteries and accumulators as a result of its activity, as well as discarded by its customers, through the 11 stores that are already available in our country: Lisbon , Sintra, Viseu, Porto, Coimbra, Leiria, Setúbal.

This initiative is part of the set of actions of an environmental nature carried out by the brand, together with its employees and customers, with a view to increasing the levels of recovery and recycling of end of life smartphones and batteries, giving rise to circular practices.

After the collection step, the waste will be sorted by type and sent for treatment and recycling.

For José Costa Rodrigues, Founder of Forall Phones,"From the beginning, Forall has shaped its business around the circular economy and therefore a sustainability policy. All of our employees have this environmental awareness and attention to detail, both in our offices and in their homes. The organizations that encourage this learning and implementation and good practices are fundamental to progress in this field. Thus, we can say that today, with this partnership, we are taking another step in this direction: a better world, a "for all" world.

Forall Phones believes it has found the ideal partner to become increasingly sustainable.

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