Marathon Club of Portugal Partnership

March 6th, 2020

ERP Portugal and Novo Verde sign partnership with Marathon Club of Portugal

Waste compliance schemes are going to take an environmental message to around 80 000 participants in the country's marathons, races and walks of reference with the promise “I recycle without stopping”

ERP Portugal, compliance scheme of electrical and electronic waste and used batteries and accumulators, and Novo Verde, for packaging waste, entered into a partnership with Marathon Club of Portugal to raise awareness of the 80 000 participants planned for the marathons, races and walks of reference of the parents.

With the promise "I recycle non-stop", ERP Portugal and Novo Verde aim to highlight the importance of selective waste delivery in the appropriate places to ensure their treatment and recycling, according to their characteristics.

Through this partnership, ERP Portugal and Novo Verde will activate their environmental message in various supports and strategic moments of these sports events, exemplifying and encouraging participants to adopt sustainable behaviors, in a relaxed environment and naturally associated with this type of practices.

Ricardo Neto, President of Novo Verde and ERP Portugal, stresses that “the consolidation of these 3 waste streams - electrical and electronic, batteries and packaging - in this partnership with the Marathon Club of Portugal makes perfect sense. This way, it will be possible to explore the attitude of the 80 000 participants towards recycling, which will be reflected in the participation in the proposed initiatives, as well as the desired environmental behavior.”

Rosa Monforte, General Manager of ERP Portugal, points out that “ERP Portugal continues to believe in a strategy of raising awareness, direct education, close to consumers, the main agents in the waste management channel, as waste delivery  act in the correct containers (Depositrão collection points) is the first step of our job: ensuring the treatment and recycling of these waste. Marathons, races and walks, have gained countless fans in the recent years, being events where there is a high number of people to raise awareness and mobilize for action, which is our purpose, recycle without stopping”.

Timetable of events:

Mini Campeões  and Mimosa Passeio da Família (March 21), EDP Meia Maratona de Lisboa + Vodafone 10 (March 22), EDP Corrida da Mulher (May 17), Mini Campeões e Mimosa Passeio da Família (October 10), EDP Maratona de Lisboa e Luso Meia Maratona + EDP Mini Maratona (11 October) and EDP Grande Prémio de Natal (13 December) are the events where ERP Portugal and Novo Verde will be present to disseminate their environmental message.

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